A Dance That Breathes Love, Emotion, and Culture

Whenever we teach flamenco to our young students, we will also let them know that dance is more than just the dance techniques and forms. At the heart of it, there is a story and beauty in every move you make. Sharing this concept allows kids to be curious, creative, and expressive in what they do. It carves a beautiful path for them to be comfortable with who they are and listen to their hearts and emotions. 

So join us, and our instructors will adapt to every student’s needs and situation. The world of dance is multi-faceted and gorgeous, and we are here to show them that. 

Our Classes Teach Authenticity in All That We Do

Los Carmonas was founded by Carlos Muñoz and Antonio Carmona in the 1950's in southern Spain. The core of our classes speaks with passion and fire as accompanied by music and guitar. It can also be an intimate moment of speaking to ourselves. 

We wish to share with our students how beautiful it is to remove filters and inhibitions and dance purely and genuinely from the heart. Join us and be a part of something you will cherish for life. 

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