Dance and Clap Your Way to Better Fitness and Health

Whether you are looking for something new to try or would like to improve your flamenco skills, our Adult Flamenco service is the right one for you. Our classes are fused with fun, fitness, and passion! It is here that you will get to express yourself fully in every dance move and let go of all stress and worries. You are also improving your posture, muscles and joints, coordination, confidence, and flexibility in the process.

Discover something new about dance and yourself with us!

A Beautiful Dance Form That Nourishes Your Well-Being

Flamenco is more than just learning the steps and making it flow with the music and beat. It is also about how you feel at that exact moment and the string of emotions that come with it. This traditional art form will benefit your physical stamina and awaken your senses as you live in every second.

As a result, you will find yourself with a more positive disposition, a more focused mind, and a happy heart. So join us and experience this for yourself.