Add Fun and Excitement to Your Child's Birthday With Flamenco

We provide an exciting program for kids that will make them appreciate the wonders of dance while having the time of their lives. Our Birthday Party program brings in flamenco in a way that kids will genuinely enjoy! There we will be live flamenco party entertainment and an interactive workshop for kids to participate in. We will also have clapping, dancing, castanets, and all things Spanish. It is truly something your child and the participants will be dancing to until they get older!

A Great Way For Kids to Build Confidence and Courage

While flamenco is about expression and creativity, it is also an effective way to help kids develop more self-confidence and healthy self-esteem. When kids can be comfortable and accepting of themselves, they become stronger and more resilient in life as they get older. Flamenco brings out the sincerity and emotion from people, and with the proper guidance, your child and the participants will bloom in their ways too!