Introduce Your Child to the Magic of Flamenco

Enrich your child’s life through the wonders of dance and music. Our Kids Flamenco program is open to boys and girls of all ages and introduces them to a world that will make them stronger with improved flexibility, fine motor, and gross motor skills. 

When kids perform this exciting dance, they are also practicing their body’s coordination and balance. Listening to the beat and clapping to the sounds help them get accustomed to the rhythm. Sign up your child today for a one-of-a-kind adventure!

Watch Your Child Grow with Strength, Grace, and Discipline

Our classes help kids develop the essential physical skills they need to do well in and out of school. Once they have mastered the basics, it will lead them to better academic performance, communication skills, and overall adaptability. Doing flamenco will give them the time of their life and train them to concentrate at the moment and never give up. Allow us to share with them the power of music and dance. 

We also have our Tiny Tots class for mother and child. Private Classes are available upon request.